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Kerala, blessed with twin monsoons every year is rightly called God’s own Country. Talking about the seasons of Kerala we mainly have 4 seasons summer, winter, north-east monsoon and south-west monsoon.

By the month of June, north-east monsoon arrives with heavy tropical showers drenching God’s own country in its blissful purity. These rains are continuous in nature with occasional outbursts of mild sunshine. North-east monsoon of Kerala comes to a halt by the end of august. It is followed by a short span of summer till November, when there is the second entry of south-west monsoon. It is typically accompanied by thunderstorms and lightening after the sunset. With the arrival of south-west monsoon, winter season marks its beginning in God’s own Country.

There is no other state in India where there are twin monsoons as good and unique as Kerala. June & October are the monsoon months of Kerala & the best time to undergo Ayurveda Treatment. During the monsoon season there are particulars in the food and drinks we consume. According to ancient Ayurveda scriptures, it is believed that monsoon period is the time to rejuvenate and detoxify the body of all the harmful waste products accumulated throughout the year.

Ayurveda packages come in different variety. Few of the hot favorites in Kerala Monsoon Ayurveda packages are:

Relaxation treatment

Stress management treatment

Panchakarma packages

Rejuvenating packages

Exclusive Monsoon package

Couple Ayurveda package

Enjoy the blissful wonders of detoxifying and rejuvenating your body with ancient Ayurveda packages during Monsoon Months of God’s own country.

Kerala Sights Never to be missed during Monsoon

Ashtamudi:Situated in the capital of Thiruvananthapuram, it’s easily accessible by all road ways. It’s famous for its cozy backwater stays accompanied by Ayurveda packages. Indulge yourself in comfort so that you will never forget your holidays during Kerala Monsoon Season.

MunnarMost famous hill station of Kerala known for its amazing valley view, cool & pleasant climate and snow white water falls, this monsoon destination is sure to pamper you with romantic and cozy moments.

KovalamKovalam with its amazing sun kissed beaches and various entertainment activities like sea-surfing, beach games, etc. will provide you with a unique holiday experience.

Rush to the Paradise of Monsoons to witness the extravaganza of Nature's Symphony.