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Nilambur is a municipality in the Malappuram district of Kerala, South India. It is famous for its forests, especially its wildlife habitats, rivers, waterfalls and teak plantations. It is situated close to the Nilgiris range of the Western Ghats on the banks of the Chaliyar River. It is about 40 kilometres from Malappuram town and 24 kilometres from Manjeri on the Kozhikode–Ooty road.

The town of Nilambur is famous for the Nilambur Vettekkoru Makan Paattu (Or simply Nilambur Paattu)held every year in the Nilambur Kovilakom Temple (a Hindu temple). Nilambur is also home to the oldest teak plantation in the world, called Conolly's Plot. It is claimed that the world's tallest or biggest teak tree is in the Nilambur Teak Preserve. Nilambur is also famous for its bamboos. The name "Nilambur" means 'Place of Nilimba' (a Sanskrit word for bamboo). This region is suitable for planting teak and grows well here. Teak grown here is having good quality and hence Nilambur Teak has good demand all over the world.


  • Conolly Plot - 2 km from Nilambur Town. The plot was named in memory of H.V. Conolly, then Malabar District Collector.The longest Hanging Bridge in Kerala,across river Chaliyar will take one to the Conolly plot, which is just 300 metres off the Calicut-Nilambur-Ooty State Highway. Giant Teak, as the oldest planted teak is referred to. A part of the oldest teak plantation is retained here.
  • The Teak Museum, maintained by the Kerala Forest Research Institute, giving additional information about teak, and the forest produce in general.A Bio Resources Park is attached to it. It is situated 4 km from Nilambur.
  • Banglavu Kunnu (Bungalow Hill) at Nilambur is famous for its winding road where ayurvedic herbs are planted on both the sides of the officers' cottages (which are now used as forest range offices).
  • Aruvacode Pottery Village.'Kumbham' and Artist Jinan has made this pottery village famous. Adyan Para Waterfalls, situated a few kilometers away on the other side of the Chaliyar River. It is situated 14 km from Nilambur.
  • Koyippara Waterfalls (near Kakkadampoyil) is also popular with visitors. It can be reached by travelling through a side road through Akampadam.
  • Nedumkayam in the Nilambur reserve forest, where one can have a close look at the elephant camp run by the forest department. It is 18 km from Nilambur.Elephant Training Centre, where elephants poached from the forests were trained. Huge wooden cages can still be seen, though poaching has been banned.
  • Pullangode is a place near Nilambur where there is Rubber estate and industry. Kallamoola 'Vallipoola' is a place situated near Pullangode, here you can see small waterfalls.
  • Vaniyambalam 12 km from Nilambur. Here is a famous temple called Banasura, situated on a huge rock covering 40 acres (160,000 m2) land and with proportional height beside the Shoranur-Nilambur Railway Line.
  • Nadukani Churam (Ghat) is situated on the road to Gudalur way just after Vazhikkadavu

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