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Gavi is an eco-tourist spot in Kerala which has widely become popular after 'Alistair International' the world acclaimed tourism major listed it among the leading eco-tourism centres and one of the must-see places in India. A must visit place for all nature lovers as Gavi is preserved in its natural scenic beauty untainted by the mighty hands of modernity.

Gavi is mainly known for its wildlife. Endangered species including the Nilgiri Tahr and Lion-tailed macaque are often sighted at the outskirts of Gavi. Kerala’s very own treasure elephants can be sighted abundantly. If you are the bird watcher, Gavi is the place for you. With more than 260 species of birds including the great pied hornbill, woodpecker, and kingfishers, Gavi is a heaven for birdwatchers.

Botanists have confirmed that "Gopher Tree" can be seen in Gavi. In Gavi's forest area,there are two Gopher trees and they are believed to be the only two gopher trees in India. The tree, which is identified as 'gopher', is known as 'Nirampalli'

A splendid spot to be visited at least once for all those who love nature.


  • Trekking.
  • Wildlife watching.
  • Bird Watching.
  • Stay at top tree huts.
  • Outdoor camping in forest around.
  • Safaris through jungle roads.
  • Visit to paradise cove at Ninnumulli.
  • Boating in the Gavi& kochupampa lakes.
  • Leisurely walks through spice gardens.
  • Visit to cardamom factory.
  • Climb to Sabarimala Temple View.

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